Steamcon III Has Come and Gone

Ahhh, I love that convention.  It continues to be the best-dressed gathering I have ever been to.  I did see upwards of ten people who were NOT in costume, and I was saddened at their lack of effort, but I know that at least a couple of them simply decided to go at the last minute, or out of curiosity without prior understanding.  I forgive them that, but I think next time I will hand anyone in Muggle clothes my business card.  No insult intended, just a little assistance.

I, of course, came fully costumed.  My suspenders arrived in plenty of time, and I got lots of compliments.  The short and un-ostentatious nature of my ensemble actually served to make me look youthful and spritelike.  I was pleased.

I met up with another up-and-comer like myself during the concert Saturday night, and we exchanged business cards and ideas.  We promised that, though we were making some similar items, we would solemnly swear never to undercut each other’s prices.  It just doesn’t make sense to bring down the worth of your own work, you know?  We wanted to keep our dignities and our bank accounts intact.  She will be a friend, I think.  Remind me to firm up my bulk-able patterns, though, and draft some size differentials.  My small size belts will fit me and a few inches bigger, but perhaps to convey the effect properly, I need to make the points higher on some larger size versions.  We’ll see.  These pretty much cover me from hipbone to underbust.

I’ve added some more pictures to my official website on, and I’m revamping the overall look.  Eventually, I think I will make the switch to steampunk designs and custom brides almost entirely, with some casual business in fashionable carpal tunnel treatment.  It’s a necessary thing.


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