I do love helping!

My dear friend Andria has been coming over for the last few days, as Halloween is nearly here, and she needed some assistance with her Poison Ivy costume.  Now, if you know me, you know that this is a costume I myself have been toying with in the back of my mind for a while.  I know the character and the license one can take with the costume, there being so many versions out there that merely sticking to the basic rules is enough to convey the idea.  Andria’s version involves a red wig, a green corset, black ruffle shorts, and fishnets.  The basic “hey, look at me, I’m sexy” getup.

Her first corset didn’t fit too well.  It gapped in the chest even when fully tightened.  No good.  So we went out to find a solution.  She bought a bright white corset at Lover’s, where they told her she could dye it.  Oh, sure.  Dye a 100% polyester corset.  No problem.  We bought green dye, and I stirred the thing around in a sink full of hot water and concentrated pigment for quite a while.  The outer part of the corset turned merely a pale grey-green.  Terrible.  But the inside, as the corset was lined with a sturdy cotton twill, was a LOVELY shade of deep green.  I ripped the tags and modesty panel off the lining, reversed the lacing, and voila!  Green on the outside.  She picked up a garland of fake ivy to decorate the wig with, and I put some bits of it in the hair, along with a couple of pin-up style loops.  I tacked considerably more ivy to the corset, though, and I’m quite proud of how it turned out!  I have pictures.

The front of the corset

The right side

The left back

Some pretty hair!

From the back

From the right side

The front. You can see it's heavy enough that I have to hold the front of the wig head down.

I liked the light here. This is posed with my own bustle skirt, which is not even cut, let alone finished, and my hat.

Anyway, today, I need to find where I put yesterday’s energy and make that purple fluff into a fabtabulous mini bustle skirt, possibly with some black ruffles to edge it.  I’m improvising here, but I think it’ll go well.


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