Burlesque Bitty Bustle Done!

So, since I really wanted to wear my purple corset and my black bloomers, and most especially my new hat, I needed a little skirt to complete the ensemble.  Last night, I draped out the whole thing and set to work winging it.  I highly recommend a good wing, ladies and gents, because if you have 3 clues what you’re doing, you can come out with something fun.

This is a wrap skirt, with the fastenings in the back on the waistband.  The bustle hides the place where the front drape curves up and meets in the back.  The whole thing feels very light, and it’s comfortable to cinch under the corset bottom, as well as lounge about in.  As an added bonus, I can wear it over top of a longer skirt as an apron, to make a more conservative period look.  I think this will be a good permanent addition to my steampunk wardrobe!

Look at this sweet thing!

Here's the front drape...

And the back, all bustled up!

You can see a bit of how the waist fastens here.

So, now that I’m not slaving away at this all day long, I’m going to rest a little to prepare myself for partying all night at the gay bar!


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