Deliveries and Customs!

Woo!  I have not one but TWO pairs of Gingher spring-action dressmaker’s shears, and I have a grommet tool.  Sadly, measurements as stated on ebay are not standardized, and the tool is for much larger grommets than I have.  I am going to go ahead and buy a pair of grommet pliers from Joann with my last gift card, because they’ll work for both the crappy eyelets AND the better two-piece grommets–PLUS they have a built-in awl.  WORTH IT.

Meanwhile, today I have a consultation with a customer who wants a gown for an event in February.  I’ll be discussing what she wants, drafting some ideas, and taking her measurements.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I’ll do something similar with a friend for an event in December–I hope I can do what she needs in time!  Likely, I can.  I know what she needs; it’s right there in my head.  It’s only a matter of fitting it properly and convincing HER it’s what she needs.

And third, I have two fabulous ladies hoping for my help putting outfits together for the Steampunk Exhibition Ball, to which I may also venture!  They’re going to drive up here from Seattle and we’ll spend a day doing the thrift store circuit together before we figure out what things need to be made from scratch.  I’m excited.


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