What JOY!

Oh, I love it when I get to make a dream come true! My dear friend Deidre had a Facebook status in which she mentioned needing a gown for a charity ball. I immediately had a vision of something that would be just GORGEOUS on her. I’ve helped her before, in the capacity of a stylist. We went shopping and I introduced her to some new colors and styles that suited her remarkably well. She was transformed, really. She gained a whole new level of self-confidence that was beautiful to see. Anyway, this made her trust me ABSOLUTELY with her fashion choices, so when I suggested that she hire me to make her a dress, she agreed immediately. I went to visit her over Thanksgiving weekend, and I showed her the sketch and explained the particulars. She was delighted. I took her measurements and went home to work.

We arranged for her to come to my house a week later, and she could take the gown home then. I was not fully done when she came, but she was happy to hang out with me while I finished the work. I think it was a good thing she did, because it gave her a new respect for the work that I do. She was more than happy, when it was finally done, to pay me generously for the piece.

The best moment was when she tried it on, completed. She looked so elegant, so beautiful, she absolutely glowed. She felt beautiful, too. She had me take a picture on her phone to send to her boyfriend and say, “THIS is what you get to take to the ball.” With such pride. ^_^

Anyway, I know you want to see the gown. And here it is!

One beautiful gown


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