Christmas Break

I am writing this, on the eve of Christmas Eve, and I am happy to say that I have NO projects at the moment! I know, that seems like something to be sad about. But really, I did just finish making four pairs of black knee-length bloomers and three pairs of wrist braces for the Christmas season, and I’m ready for a break. I love to sew, but as anyone who’s been around me on a work day knows, it saps all the motivation, wit, brains, and nutrients right out of me. When I’m done, I want to eat like I’m in my first trimester and watch mindless TV for a few hours. In a Snuggie. Yeah, yeah, shush. I own one thanks to my dear grandmother. It’s pink. I prefer to wear it samurai-style, belted with the opening in the front and only my left arm in a sleeve. Sometimes I’ll switch it around and have the opening in the back, but I’ll still wear it only one-armed. The sleeves are just too long to do anything.

At least I look classy in my Snuggie. But now, time to eat snickerdoodles and pack up for the Christmas weekend!


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